lunes, 6 de agosto de 2007

My last Vacation

In my last vacation my family and I went to San Cristobal.
We come in the house of my grandparents and we went to lomas de viento, it is very good place, it is windy and cold.
Then, we went to Chorro del Indio, It is like a river where the water is very cold and beautiful.
Then my family and I traveled to falcon and stayed in a beautiful hotel and then we went to the beaches and the party.
Finally I returned for zulia.

domingo, 8 de julio de 2007

my family tree

This is my mother her name is Neida and he is my father his name is Luis. He is a business man. They have 2 sons.

This is my brother Benito. He is an administrator. He is married, his wife is Margleidi, and she is my sister-in-law. They have a daughter her name is Brillith. She is 6 years old and she is my niece.

And me, my name is Brian, I study industrial engineering. I am 17 years old and I have a girlfriend her name is Karem.

My favorite baseball player

José Miguel Torres Cabrera was born April 18, 1983 in Maracay, Aragua State, Venezuela. He is a Major League Baseball player for the Florida Marlins team. He bats and throws right handed. He is the regular third baseman for the 2007 Florida Marlins.

Unusually, the onetime shortstop has played a number of positions, third base, left field and right field. His postseason play helped propel Florida to a World Series championship over the Yankees. Cabrera moved back to third base in the 2006 season, and was voted to the All-Star team at this position.

let's go shopping!! (Dialogue)

Sales person: May I help you?

Boyfriend: Sure. I need a present for my girlfriend.

Sales person: What kind of present do you need?

Boyfriend: I need a bracelet.

Sales person: Do you want a gold or silver bracelet?

Boyfriend: Just a minute. Baby what do you prefer gold or silver bracelet?

Girlfriend: I don’t know. The gold bracelet is more expensive than the silver one.

Boyfriend: No problem. It’s a gift for you.

Girlfriend: Thanks. I prefer the gold bracelet.

Boyfriend: How much is the gold one?

Sales Person: It’s 250 $

Boyfriend: Ok. Where must I pay?

Sales person: In the checkout counter.

Boyfriend: Ok. Thanks.

Cashier: Hello. Can I help you?

Boyfriend: yes, I go to pay a gold bracelet.

Cashier: Ok. This is your bracelet.

Girlfriend: No, my bracelet has pearls.

Cashier: Oh!! Sorry miss. Your bracelet is here.

Boyfriend: No problem. How much is it?

Cashier: It’s 250 $. Do you want to pay with your credit card?

Boyfriend: Yes, I want.

Entertainment 25%

Schooling 20%

Food 50%

Transportation 5%

I spend most of my money on food

I spend less money on schooling and transportation

I spend 25% of my money in entertainment

I spend 50% of my money in food

Karem spend most of money on entertainment

Karem spend lees money on food

Karem spend as much money on schooling

Karem spend 20% of her money on transportation

domingo, 3 de junio de 2007


Every Monday I get up at 8:00 A.M. Then I go to the bathroom and take a shower. After that I go to the kitchen and I have breakfast. I have juice and bread.

Then I have lunch at 11:30. I have meat and rice. I leave home at noon and I go to university in my car. I arrive at university at 12:45 P.M. I study from 1:00 P.M until 5:10 P.M. After university, I go to CEVAZ at 5:30 P.M. I have dinner at CEVAZ. I finish at 9:00 pm.

Then I go to my house. When I arrive to my house I talk whit my parents and my cousin, sometime chatting with my friend. Finally I go to bed about midnight.

Meeting peole

Karem: hello, Duberly. How are you?
Duberly: hi, fine thanks. Karem this is my friend Brian.
Karem: hi, Brian. I'm Karem nice to meet you.
Brain: hi, nice to meet you too.
Duberly: Karem, Brian is from Maracaibo. He lives in Los Estanques.
Karem: that ok!! He lives near of my house.
Brian: and how old are you?
Karem: seventeen years old.
Duberly: Brian what do you do?
Brian: I'm industrial engineering student.
Duberly: that well and you Karem.
Karem: I study industrial engineering too.
Duberly: ok. See you.
Karem: bye bye. Take care.
Brian: good bye, be careful.